About Sarleyne

As a team of mothers, daughters, and daughters-in-law, we understand your need for comfortable yet stylish attire. Modest apparel dresses and Muslim clothing are not necessarily boring long garbs! With our innovative ‘Grab and Go’ concept called ‘Dressovers’, you can make quick covering decisions with our high-quality clothing items and accessories, leaving out all the hassle and headaches of those "I-don't-know-what-to-wear" moments or simply add a touch of class to your outfit on the spot. 

Why Are We Affordable?

At Sarleyne House, we take pride in offering affordable Muslim clothing without compromising on quality and style. From modest dresses, abayas, tops, and co-ords to cardigans, we have a broad spectrum of options to suit all your preferences. We also have a wide selection of accessories, including headcovers, pins, and handbags, at reasonable rates to complete your look as you dress-over. While offering competitive prices throughout the year, we also offer special discounts during festive seasons for you to make your fashion dreams come true. 

Embrace uniqueness in fashion and discover the perfect modest clothing ensemble that fits your budget while exuding elegance. Shop now and elevate your wardrobe with Sarleyne House!

Our store

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Golden Landmark Shopping Centre
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Singapore 188061

Monday-Friday : 11AM-5PM

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